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a high degree of understanding, but also a capacity and taste for higher forms of Architectural knowledge.


the art and science of designing and creating three dimensional buildings and or spaces.


the capacity for doing hi-performance work by overcoming resistance.


As a florida native, ron rickert, AIA, grew up in south florida appreciating the local environment, nature and the atlantic ocean. Later he started building at an early age and eventually fell in love with architecture and the way energy was produced by nature. Ron graduated from Florida A+M University in 1987 with honors and the prestigious student AIA bronze award. In 2003, Ron started exploring the Caribbean as a unique market that helped him develop a palate of environmental architecture that he continues to perfect today. The firm was created to exude passion and focus on projects that push architectural boundaries while pleasing the needs of the client as well as incorporating the latest materials, systems, energy and technologies available.


Architecture begins with a vision. Energy is the capacity of work to overcome resistance. By combining these elements, INTELAE can design state of the art spaces, buildings and environments that function at many levels and perform to your desired needs. We will guide you through the process of Architecture enveloping your senses and engaging technology to develop the project for your unique dreams. Our team of professionals attack each project with passion, diligence and integrity. Projects are personal because details matter.


INTELAE provides full architectural design and construction documents for residential, resort, commercial and industrial facilities. We typically offer full structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering for all projects to ensure quality bids for every project. Optional services such as Landscape architecture, lighting design, low voltage switching and renewable energy can also be provided based on the project intensity or client’s needs. The client may also engage Intel A+E as a project administrator to ensure that the quality of design and the flow of ideas and details are not compromised.