Our firm is a culture of individuals who strive for excellence in design, communication, and follow through. We are constantly researching the latest trends in design and green technologies. Our attitude is always positive to stimulate ideas and to work as a team to promote unique solutions to the client.



Architecture begins with a vision. energy is the capacity of work to overcome resistance. by combining these elements, intelae can design state of the art spaces, buildings and environments that function at many levels and perform to your desired needs. we will guide you through the process of architecture enveloping your senses and engaging technology to develop the project for your unique dreams. our team of professionals attack each project with passion, diligence and integrity. projects are personal because details matter.


INTELAE is a full service architectural firm providing the following services:

– Architectural Design

– 3D and video animation

– Structural Engineering

– Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Engineering

– Cistern Design and Drainage

– Green Technology Implementation

– LEED Certifications

– Renewable Energy

– Environmental Technology Reviews

– Interior Design

– Off Grid / Micro-Grid Solutions

We also work with developers to do master planning and landscape architecture.