ceo + founder

Ronald Rickert

As a florida native, ron rickert, aia, grew up in south florida appreciating the local environment, nature and the atlantic ocean. later he started building at an early age and eventually fell in love with architecture and the way energy was produced by nature. ron graduated from florida a+m university in 1987 with honors and the prestigious student aia bronze award. in 2003, ron started exploring the caribbean as a unique market that helped him develop a palate of environmental architecture that he continues to perfect today. the firm was created to exude passion and focus on projects that push architectural boundaries while pleasing the needs of the client as well as incorporating the latest materials, systems, energy and technologies available.


Phone(office): 5616727124

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Project Manager

Russ McCampbell

Since i was 8 years old, i knew that i wanted to be in the field of architecture. there is nothing quite like helping design a home that gets built and can be appreciated for years to come. i always strive to create the best final product possible. in the end, I hope that the homeowners appreciate the thought and care that went into every corner of their new home.




Architectural Designer / PM

Brittany Saxenmeyer

I strive to push the limits of innovative design in relationship to its functional form, in order to reveal architecture of both beauty and efficiency.
“a great building… must begin with the un measurable, go through measurable means when it is being designed, and in the end must be un measurable.”
… louis kahn


Phone(office): 5616727124