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Our firm is a culture of individuals who strive for excellence in design, communication, and follow through. We are constantly researching the latest trends in design and green technologies. Our attitude is always positive to stimulate ideas and to work as a team to promote unique solutions to the client.


Architecture begins with a vision. Energy is the capacity of work to overcome resistance. By combining these elements, intelae can design state of the art spaces, buildings, and environments that function at many levels and perform to your desired needs. We will guide you through the process of architecture enveloping your senses and engaging technology to develop the project for your unique dreams. Our team of professionals attack each project with passion, diligence, and integrity. Projects are personal because details matter.



ron rickert

As a Florida native, Ron Rickert, AIA, grew up in South Florida appreciating the local environment, nature, and the Atlantic ocean. Later he started building at an early age and eventually fell in love with architecture and the way energy was produced by nature. Ron graduated from Florida A&M University in 1987 with honors and the prestigious student AIA bronze award. In 2003, Ron started exploring the caribbean as a unique market that helped him develop a palate of environmental architecture that he continues to perfect today. The firm was created to exude passion and focus on projects that push architectural boundaries while pleasing the needs of the client as well as incorporating the latest materials, systems, energy, and technologies.


Architect: State of Florida AR #13630



lou nunez JR. AIA NCARB

Being born & raised in West Palm Beach, Lou Nunez Jr. got to enjoy the Saltwater environment of South Florida and how it has evolved throughout the years. Growing up having a general contractor as a father, helped mold the passion of the built environment into Lou’s love of Architecture. After graduating from Florida A&M University with a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies, Lou continued his education by obtaining a Master’s in Architecture from the University of Kansas. Focusing on his craft after college, he gained experience in Commercial, Industrial, Residential, and Multi-Family projects. However, high-end residential is where his connection with clients excels by bringing innovative designs, detailing of materials, and proportion of volumes together to form a complete design. Lou reconnected with Ron to partner at INTELAE Architecture + Energy to focus on design & the details within the design, which helps separate the firm from the pack.


Architect: State of Florida AR #97986

Architect: State of Colorado ARC #00407238

NCARB Certification: #83357



From being fascinated with art and constructing things as a child, Tiffany views every design project as an opportunity to learn from new people while expanding her creativity and problem-solving skills. After receiving a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from Florida Atlantic University in 2016, Tiffany joined INTELAE Architecture + Energy in April 2019 looking to expand on her professional experience in Commercial Architecture. Tiffany combines the passion of designing practical, yet beautiful spaces, with the challenge of balancing the client’s needs within the project program. Architecture has brought her to where she is today, and she hopes to in turn help bring Architectural designs to clients, which help bring them the sense of home.

"The metaphor of life is rooted in architecture. To be born, to grow, to be, is an architectural experience." -Daniel Libeskind



Architect: State of Florida AR #101464

NCARB Certification: #821350


Cassity RIckert

Cassity obtained her bachelor’s degree in communication with a concentration in public relations from the University of North Florida.


Aside from Real Estate, she works as a Digital Marketing Manager, Content Creator, Web Designer, and Editor for innovative projects. She helps bring intelAE's designs to social platforms in a creative light, bringing more opportunity and business to the company. 


When Cassity isn’t working, she enjoys singing, composing music, creating short films, and painting. 

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